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Finally an ABSORBENT and GREEN product for removing "shortening and oil only" from commercial kitchen and restaurant floors!

What is it?

SAFETY SWEEP is the only dry phase hydrophobic ceramic absorbent that will remove shortening and oil from hard surfaces without the use of water. SAFETY SWEEP will not pick up water, but does extract oil and shortening from the water. SAFETY SWEEP is a risk management tool that quickly removes shortening and reduces liability for slips and falls.

How does it work?

SAFETY SWEEP is simply sprinkled over the affected area - swept - and disposed of. The result is an immediate and significant increase of traction and no slip floor. The process is completed in minutes and provides a quick fix for employee floor safety (particularly during rush hours). No mop bucket - cones - pushing greasy water - extended work stoppage - or waiting for the floor to dry!
SAFETY SWEEP's unique water repelling design enables the product to continue moving on the floor when water is present with shortening. Otherwise, the absorbent would wet-out and create a mess. However, SAFETY SWEEP will not only broom from dry to wet but will also remove unwanted oil and shortening from the water.
SAFETY SWEEP is also designed for routine removal of oil and shortening from grout lines and "down under" fryers, counters, or other equipment (hot spots for inspectors). Significant labor savings, reduced liability, and clean results are achieved.

What do you do with the "spent" powder?

SAFETY SWEEP when applied on fats, oils, and shortening will lock and contain the source and hydrocarbons. SAFETY SWEEP has been clinically tested and is considered non-leaching for landfills based on typical procedures. It has also passed Paint Filter Testing* protocols along with an extensive TCLP. In most cases you may simply discard in common garbage.
*Test America independent lab results available upon request. Always follow local, state, and federal guidelines.

Is SAFETY SWEEP considered a "green product"?

SAFETY SWEEP is a 100% all natural earthen product. It is made from a combination of minerals found beneath the earth.

Is SAFETY SWEEP new technology?

YES! SAFETY SWEEP was designed specifically to resolve issues that no one else has been able to achieve. There has never been a product like this nor is there anything that comes close to meeting the performance, features, and benefits of SAFETY SWEEP.

  • Instructions:

    For Best Traction Results on Oil Slick Floors
    1. Sprinkle on affected area 6 inches from floor.
    2. Brush the Safety Sweep back and forth over oil slick area.
    3. Sweep into dustpan and properly dispose.
    B) For an Oil Spill
    1. Pour generous amount of Safety Sweep to cover/absorb the puddle of oil.
    2. Sweep into dustpan and properly dispose.
    3. Repeat step one if needed.

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